Cake PHP Development| Are you looking for commercial applications? Opt for CakePHP for a quick website framework. In addition to being rapid, this Open Source framework is also secured and reliable for being used in online businesses. The CakePHP is widely used for eCommerce solutions. WysKod can build creative, secured as well as out of the box websites by using CakePHP frameworks. We are well equipped with the required resources to build an effective website with this framework. The features of CakePHP make it one of the most preferred frameworks for developers. There are no complicated configurations to deal with and the features can be built quickly.

Since it was introduced in the web development arena CakePHP made a great impression on the way developers work on their programming concepts. It was inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework and it made the developers’ work easy. The developers apply the least number of complicated codes and deliver the projects fast. This also helps in reducing the cost of development processes.

WysKod offers an expert team of resources which is well versed with MVC (Model View Controller) conventions and object-oriented programming. These help the developers introduce features like validations, translations, database access, built-in caching and authentication. Our experienced team is aware of the latest developments in CakePHP and can easily deliver customized solutions for various business platforms and business verticals. 

While using this framework we include product design, modifications, integration, customization and upgradation of the existing services. There are various security features like input validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF (cross site request forgery) protection, form tampering protection, and XSS (cross site scripting) prevention that will help to build a safe website.

At WysKod we offer the following CakePHP services:

  • CakePHP Application Development
  • CakePHP CMS Development
  • Theme Design and Integration
  • CakePHP Customization Services
  • CakePHP Web Development
  • CakePHP Shopping Cart Development
  • B2C Application Development
  • CakePHP Developer Hiring
  • CakePHP Social Networking Solution
  • When you use CakePHP Technology you can receive the following features:
  • Complete customization to meet the various dynamic business needs
  • Compatible as B2B and B2C solution development
  • Achieves a perfectly balanced performance across different platforms
  • Extensions are fully compatible with cross browsers
  • Packed with high level of security
  • For custom component development wide-ranging solutions
  • Integrates websites
  • Integrates third party apps and social media platforms
  • Includes components like Email, Session, Cookie and Request Handling
  • Plans for maintenance and updates
  • Flexible support via call, mail, and chat.