If you want to best describe the world CodeIgniter, it would be ‘buzz of the hour’. It is, after all, one of the most sought after frameworks in Open Source Development in the world today that offers a planned system to build dynamic sites using PHP. 

As a developer you will never be left stranded at any adverse situation if you are creating an application on CodeIgniter – that is its reputation among developers across the spectrum. The best part about this platform is its user-friendly features and tools providing user with easy-to-use features and tools and also a highly communicative interface where you will be able to apply and use your creativity and reasoning a lot more effectively. CodeIgniter is mostly known for its unrivaled speed and has been an immense contributor to Open Source development with a great approach and the right system to develop applications using PHP.

CodeIgniter web development at WysKod is done with the help of skilled and eminent resources. We have successfully used the potential of this great framework to its very best. Our CodeIgniter developers have worked on several relevant projects coming from almost all industrial facets.

We have cautiously used our developers to create websites on CodeIgniter by using best of their expertise, experience, and skills. We have also used the latest technology proponents offered by CodeIgniter in creating various applications for small and large businesses. Our professional CodeIgniter services have been highly creative, and the result-oriented approaches have worked wonders to their rescue. CodeIgniter web development at WysKod has been wide-ranging in its scope of development. We have developed a range of applications and websites for various businesses on CodeIgniter as per their bespoke requirements and specific needs.

Features of CodeIgniter

  • System based on MVC
  • Fully operational and high on feature database
  • Broad Data and Form Validation
  • Extremely Fluid and Light
  • High level of XSS Filtering and Security
  • Proper process management
  • Sound data encryption
  • Multi-tier session management
  • Real time database report
  • Dynamic Pagination
  • Supple URL Routing
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Proper support for several classes and library 


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