WysKod has a good and strong alliance with Microsoft technology. As a result, we can develop software products and applications by using Microsoft products like .NET, Windows and SQL. In fact, we are a certified Microsoft solutions provider and are allowed to use the latest Microsoft technologies in the offering.

Windows 8, SharePoint 2013, SQL Server 2008, Azure, Silverlight and a lot more products have been used by our experts to provide leveraging framework. With our robust Microsoft development system we have successfully provided impressive and enduring solutions to our clients. We look forward to keep serving our clients with the benefits that can be derived from Microsoft technology.

Windows Application Development

Windows Applications are best known in the world of cell phones. However, it has also opened several opportunities in the desktop facilitation and made it strong with noticeable technological values.  Better and bigger opportunities have been offered by the Windows Application Development. It is no longer limited to a mere service or system. It has proved to be an innovative technology that is truly committed to enhance user experience. In a way it is dynamic and has opened up newer and broader aspects of using and applying the ideas and converting them into workable realities. Windows 8 Apps, Metro Style UI Applications and Cross-Platform Solutions are offered by iiLogics in regards to the Windows Application Development. We strive to provide you with the latest Windows features for your mobiles and even cross platform Window development for desktops and handheld devices. If you aim for a sense of accomplishment by optimizing your connectivity with your target audience, then hire the best services for developing Windows apps.

.Net Application Development

.NET framework has been in use by the developers for a long period of time. This platform is well known for its flawless model of deployment and helpful interoperability. It has been instrumental in transforming the way web development has taken place with its contemplative, object-oriented API and inventive capabilities. The main USP of .NET framework is that it is generic and flexible. These features enable it to be compiled and integrated easily with other evolved level of languages. ASP Dot NET development is one of the fundamental practices in software development that has defined the benchmarks of subsequent development regimes.

WysKod strives at making this framework more effective so that it proves efficient enough to standardize and define your method of work. Custom ASP.NET Development, Dot Net Websites Development, .Net E Commerce Development and Mobile App on .NET Framework are some of the services offered by us. We ensure that the applications developed by us are customized enough for different users.

SQL Server Database Management

At WysKod we are aware of the fact that SQL server is being used by almost every enterprise user due to its amazing flexibility and enterprise-based solutions. Owing to its features it stands out from the rest of the other RDBMS and other bells and whistles that it comes with. Easy integration with common databases and Microsoft OS, user-friendly interface, easy to create maintenance plan, integrated security, mixed authentication and disaster recovery are some of the features of the SQL server. More and more business enterprises are turning to SQL server databases and therefore, there is high need for SQL Database Management System Services.

WysKod will help you to streamline database storage management while simplifying storage layout planning, backup, and restore operations for SQL Server databases. This service is offered in the form of design, development and consultancy services. Database Administration, Maintenance and Upgrading, and Security and Content Integrity are also a part of our SQL Server Database Management Services.