You can join hands with us for partnership opportunities. It will help you to benefit from our profitable business strategies. Our main aim behind such partnerships is to collaborate and work with upcoming and innovative organizations. At WysKod we believe that this will be a mutual benefit where you can grow with our business models and we will get an opportunity to learn and provide better solutions.

Partnerships are crucial for us and thus, we make sure that it is profitable for all the parties. Besides the usual up-gradation processes, we also introduce new ideas to boost your associate programs. Our partners range from SMEs to bigger businesses. We ensure that we have adequate resources for all kinds of businesses. For a better understanding of our partnership opportunities, here are your options:

Affiliate Partnership

WysKod is capable of offering solutions if you lack resources or require further involvement in a particular project. We will help you out with your deft resources by developing your project by working in tandem with your departmental communications, project supplies, and deliverables.

Strategic Partnership

This is a kind of partnership where we work in a joint-ownership system. You will remain at the front of this partnership and will be involved with generating leads for your business. We will take care of the back-end jobs mostly by developing and designing your projects. You will be constantly consulted for the project communication and every time there is a need to make decisions. In this alliance, both the organizations will work as a team by sharing resources on the decided parameters.

Referral Partnership

Our partnership and opportunity plans extend to individuals as well. If you are interested to partner with us, we welcome you. With the help of a referral partnership, we can help you to promote your business in any part of the globe. All we take home is a commission against the sale which will be mutually decided upon in the partnership. We will help you with our resources and you will become a representative of WysKod. Through such an agreement we will forward you the leads which you can convert to sales as mentioned in the partnership agreement.