PHP and MySQL are an unbeatable pair in development technology. Owing to the introduction of PHP, the entire processes of carrying out work in developing web and apps have undergone massive changes. This programming language allows developers the liberty to build large applications in an effective manner.

PHP is a widely-used programming language popular for creating dynamic web pages and online applications. PHP based applications offer countless advantages to its users over other languages. At our experience and knowledge in these technologies allow us to develop powerful and scalable PHP web applications. Our PHP and MySQL developers use state of the art technologies for dynamic database-driven PHP website development.

WysKod offers advanced and specially crafted website solutions by using PHP. Assuming that your objective is to receive high-quality PHP and MySQL based network provisions, our team devices the solutions accordingly. With the experience of delivering customized applications, our skilled professionals will be able to help you with your specifications. Our PHP MySQL Developers will deliver the final products within the stipulated time. We take every step to ensure that you receive your dream website software as promised.

Cake PHP

CakePHP has successfully carved a niche for itself in the world of website development. It is one of those applications which the developers love to use owing to its programming concepts. It is a free open source rapid development framework that provides the developers with MVC architecture to completely concentrate on core development areas. While using this framework the developers can avoid facing the usual hassles during website development.


CodeIgniter is one of the best open-source and most popular among PHP development frameworks. Moreover, it is in rage these days. This framework helps in reducing time and effort while writing complex codes. This allows developers to build websites easily and faster. This is also described as ‘buzz of the hour’ and is one of the most popular frameworks today in Open Source Development.  


Zend framework is an open-source tool that is widely used for web application development. It has survived all kinds of competitions due to its remarkable architecture and garnered huge popularity amongst the web developers. The MVC (model view controller) architecture of the Zend framework separates data and user interface which makes work easier for the developers.


Yii Framework, with its rich features, has become one of the most widely recognized development frameworks. It is used to develop impressive Web 2.0 applications. WysKod is proud to state that it has a team of expert Yii developers who offer you myriad choices and easy access to an application that is flawlessly developed.

WysKod knows how crucial PHP and MySQL technologies are for web development in this age. Thus, it ensures that this twin technology is handled by a team that is proficient and experienced in it. Besides devising innovative solutions we ensure that the latest technologies are used so that our clients receive complete benefits of PHP and MySQL.