Portal Development

If you are looking for the most resourceful mode of web communication technology then Web Portal is your destination. It is a platform that offers services like online shopping, user forums, information sharing, transaction processing, communication board for members, and marketplace platform. The common thing about these services is that all of these provide an opportunity for users to communicate with individuals and groups to meet their purposes.

The reach of web portals is huge and is the best way to reach target audience. With the help of our online portal development solutions you can reach out to maximum number of users who will prove beneficial for your online businesses.

Online Food Portal

Within a short span of time, we have successfully built a good rapport with food businesses across the globe. Hence, we are adept at building food portals that will tickle your epicurean bone. Connoisseurs of food are located across the globe and through our online food portals we strive at capturing the huge impending market. With competition ever increasing in the food processing and order business, a well-planned portal can give you an edge over your competitors. An online food portal gives you a much-required opening. Audiences everywhere nowadays need something online that would deliver things the way they want. We design your online food portals keeping these things in mind.  

Daily Deals Portal

Daily deal portal websites are designed keeping in mind their broad areas of application. Such websites are developed by WysKod to enable the clients to manage every part of the Daily Deal portal. The Admin Panel will help you to deal with merchandise to purchase. Keeping with your requirements our expert team can also build customized versions of such websites. Daily Deal Management, Multiple City Deals, Business/Company Details, Daily Deal Notification, Order Tracking, Referral Incentive, Follow Business, Google Map View, Deal Search and Nearby Deals, Accounts for Registered Members, Deal Dashboard, etc. are included within the websites. We ensure that all kinds of options are included in the Daily Deal Portals so that your business functions without any clutter.

Dating Portal

We have all the necessary expertise for providing an online dating portal to our clients. In tandem with the target audience, we design and develop such websites in an eye-catching way. The dating portals are user friendly as age is no bar where the target audience is concerned. If you are looking forward to creating an effective dating portal then our team at WysKod provides you excellent solutions depending on your requirements. We ensure that the solution delivered is customized to capture the flippant hearts of the people who are looking for partners. As far as features and functionality are concerned, these are easy to use. It will help you to gain clients.

Job Portal

Job Portals or Recruitment Websites are used by organizations that want to hire resources effectively in order to get the right candidate for their profiles. We have a solution for them too. Job Seekers Resume Database Access, Resume Search Tools, Job Posting/Long Term Visibility of Job Posts, Sufficient/Unlimited/Customized space for Job descriptions, Mass mailing to shortlisted candidates, Confidential Job Posting, Instance response from targeted job seekers, Automatic Job Alert to target job seekers, Cheaper hiring process, etc are some of the features that make a job portal perfect. When we offer you solutions all these features are included in our job portals.

Price Comparison Portal

Along with the eCommerce websites, the price comparison portals are also in vogue. These portals help the consumers to find and grab the best deals available from numerous online merchants. The main idea behind price comparison portals is to guide the buyers properly and help the window shoppers as well. There is a particular model to be followed while designing and developing this kind of website. These websites charge less for users to access the site. Their payment is received from the retailers who register here. Hence, there is a specific way in which the retailers will be alerted about the buyers’ interests. Either they are paying these portals a flat fee or it depends on the pay per click system. WysKod is deft enough to deal with both kinds of systems.

Real Estate Portal

Real estate portals have professional looks and are used to deal with the functionalities for private sellers, buyers, and real estate agents or to list properties for sale or rent, search in the database. For your convenience, our team makes it possible to create multiple admin users and assign different access rights to them. We also ensure that there is an impactful back-office application to include services like ads, sellers, agents, affiliates, and statistics to the administrators. We also include proper email alerts, SEO optimized links, and personal administration space so that the private sellers can manage their ads at any point of time. There is also ample functionality for the real estate agents who can manage both ads and affiliates.