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Vegan And Recycled Clothing

Uniquely Convertible

‘Avesso’ means opposite or reverse in Portuguese, our creator’s native language. True to meaning, we are not like other brands. Avesso is unique in the way we create and design our clothing. We redefine convertible apparel by creating non-seasonal versatile designs with a contemporary twist that can be worn in multiple ways or mixed and matched all year around.

Ethically Made

We are committed to sustainable fabrics and responsible production. Our clothing is made locally in trusted factories in Los Angeles, always under ethical conditions. Because our brand utilizes only vegan fabrics (from surplus, sustainable or natural sources), we are helping to eliminate animal cruelty and exploitation for fashion’s sake. We make quality garments that allow you to buy less and wear longer.

Slow Fashion

As we are non-seasonal, we create capsule collections consisting of a few essential items of functional clothing that can be worn all year around. This form of efficient production allows us to lower our carbon footprint, maintain a zero-waste strategy, and reduce unfair labor practices by minimizing fast fashion consumption. 

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