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booking online private accomodations and other tourist services in Cuba


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HolidayCuba is a Website for booking online private accomodations and other tourist services in Cuba.

We are a team of engineers, IT specialists and collaborators from different countries working to meet the needs of travellers at 360 degrees and make their holidays an unforgettable experience.
What unites us, in addition to the joy of travelling, is a strong friendship and mutual respect consolidated by years of work experience.
We decided to start the Company HolidayCuba and focus our attention on this beautiful Caribbean island publicizing its tourism and its beauties.
We want to make known the real Cuba by giving tourists the chance to stay in private homes, experiencing the hospitality, the human warmth, the family environment, the joy and the way of life of the Cuban people.

Precisely for this reason we did not settle only for the activity of an online real estate agency, but unlike other Operators, we also organize group tours with on-site guidance, thus fostering knowledge among people of different backgrounds and cultures.
The president of our company has travelled to Cuba several times to personally know the owners of the lodgings, establishing with them a relationship of esteem and mutual trust.
These values unite us and push us to go further, hoping to spread a more authentic model of tourism, respectful of different cultures and of the natural environment.

We are pleased to have created a useful service for both accommodation owners and travellers from all over the world.

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