Yii Framework is one of the most popular frameworks in the world of app development in PHP though the name sounds a little weird! With the help of this framework, the developers can easily develop an outstanding Web 2.0 application. Owing to its technical features, the Yii framework has gained a high score by ruling the minds of many business owners. This open-source framework many different things to your online business store. It is known for a fast loading attitude Yii Development is even chosen into top ten PHP-based web application frameworks within a short time of being introduced.

The rich features of the Yii development framework make it a high-performance open-source facility for building your PHP solutions. The web development solutions offered through this framework are highly extensible, efficient, robust, easy to configure and maintainable. The benefits offered by Yii development are remarkable and thus appeals to the users. The developers prefer using it owing to its strong caching support, professional approach and insightful security. They require a minimum effort to build a powerful solution.

Yii Development at WysKod is based on the notable features of this framework. Thus, what we deliver to our clients is quality-driven and value laden benefits that boosts their online businesses. We ensure that the right features are used while developing a particular website so that products you are endorsing are properly focused or as specified by the clients.

WysKod presents Yii development as an application that is most powerful in all the departments. The factors included in it are flexibility, compatibility and performance. The technologies we build will always be ready to accept the upgradations or new features that are introduced from time to time in the Yii technology.

As far as Yii development in concerned iiLogics offers the following services:

  • Yii Web Development
  • Yii Online Portal Development
  • Yii CMS Development Services
  • Yii Ecommerce solution
  • Yii Web Application Development
  • Yii Database Connection Services
  • Yii Social Networking Solutions
  • Yii Shopping Cart Development
  • Yii Customization and Integration Services

If you opt for Yii development then you will receive the following benefits:

  • Verified MVC architecture
  • Complete form input and validation
  • Database Access Objects (DAO)
  • Query Builder
  • Active Record
  • DB Migration
  • Layered caching scheme
  • AJAX-enabled widgets
  • Dynamic error handling and logging
  • Automatically generated WSDL service specifications
  • In-built Authentication and Authorization
  • Supports Internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N)
  • Effective security measures